1 Year + Octagon SX87

This bundle includes the best selling “1 year subscription” service together with the octagon sx87 box.

The box will be pre-installed and all you would need to do is just plug and play!

1 Year + Octagon SX87 is available only at 8:00-19:59 today. Trials will not work until tomorrow (00:01am)

1 Year Service

Our best selling IPTV subscription

Octagon SX87 WL HD H.265 S2

- ARM Cortex-A7 dual processor
- GX6613H2 GX-National
- Dual Core 32-Bit (2x 800MHz) 3000 DMIPS
- Multi-core High Performance GPU
- Flash memory 128MB
- RAM 256MB DDR3
- Fast boot time of 15 seconds
- LAN Ethernet ( 100Mbps)
- 4-digit 7-segment display
- Card reader + Hardware BlindScan (blind search)
- DVB-S2 Tuner + Multistream Support
- HDMI 1.4b - HDCP1.4
- USB 2.0

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